Titanium Knife Grade

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Tenax Titanium has been developed with the latest Vinyl Ester technology.
  • Titanium is ideal for seaming, laminations, miter cuts, chip repair on all granite, marbles, quartz and quartzite materials.
  • Very light in color, Titanium does not darken after cure.
  • Superb on white and light colored marble, quartz, and quartzite materials. Takes color very well for darker stones.
  • Stays a thick consistency even after adding the hardener.
  • Excellent adhesion in a short amount of time which enables the stone to be handled in a very fast time even at low temperatures.
  • High gloss and is very polishable.
  • After the addition of the hardener the glue will change color but will return to the original white color after a few minutes. This can be used as a catalyst indicator. To retain the white color after curing do not use more than the recommended amount of hardener.
  • Titanium contains a UV absorber.
  • Exceptional strength for cnc and line machine use right after cure.
  • Colors easily
Gel time in bulk at 77° F 4-6 min
Tacky Free time at 77° F 18-20 min
Working time at 77° 20-25 min
Temp range for use after hardening 32° to 230°
Ratio of glue to hardener 100: 2/3