Akabond Acrylic Super Penetrating

Akabond Acrylic Super Penetrating

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Wood & Stone Acrylic Super Penetrating 1 Quart

Wood & Stone Acrylic Super Penetrating is a acrylic based adhesive and filler designed for use with natural stone, especially granite. Honey in color, fast setting, and easy to apply. Super Penetrating is low viscosity system for bonding and filling on horizontal surfaces.


Best suited for interior applications on natural or cast stones. Especially well suited for granite and marble applications. Uses include consolidating or laminating slabs, repairing or patching broken stones, reinforcing fragile material, and filling porous or chipped stones.


Wood & Stone Acrylic Super Penetrating is easily colored to match any stone using our Polyester Coloring Pastes. The best shade can be obtained by mixing the product to a shade slightly darker than the actual stone color.

Curing Time (Thin film, minutes) 20-25 min
Pot life at 25°C (2% hardener, minutes) 8-11 min
Viscosity at 25°C (mPa.s) 300
Aspect Thin syrup
Ratio of glue to hardener 100: 2/3