StrongEdge 45 Knife Grade

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  • Knife Grade epoxy specifically designed for fabrication and lamination.
  • Truly a knife grade consistency. After mixing the part A and B together, Strongedge can be used on 45 degree miter and vertical applications without running or dripping off.
  • Does not shrink
  • Takes a polish
  • Accepts color to color match the stone if necessary.
  • Maintains the clearest epoxy with an express cure time, without losing its structural integrity.
  • Made for granite, marble, all natural stone, Quartz, Engineered, ceramic and porcelain materials.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • VOC Compliant
  • 1.5lt Set
Gel time in bulk at 77° F 15-20 min
Tacky Free time at 77° F 45-60 min
Minimum reaction temperature


Temp range for use after hardening -13º to 143º
Ratio of glue to hardener 2:1 mix ratio