Domo 21 Cartridge 215 ml White

Domo 21 Cartridge 215 ml White

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Domo 21 Cartridge Glue is a bi-component epoxy glue designed for all types of stone. Domo is one of the strongest epoxies in the stone industry. It will bond to almost any surface including polished surfaces. Domo 21 is designed for permanent application. The stone will break before the bond will. Suitable for temperatures below 32° as well as extreme heat. White in color.


Domo 21 is used to glue and repair the following materials:

  • Natural Stone
  • Ceramic
  • Composite Stone
  • Concrete

Ideal also for fixing nail and metal parts and anchoring pivots, bolts, and tie-beams.

  • Part #AG4200 Tenax Dual Cartridge Gun Required for use
Gel time in bulk at 77°

 10-15 min

 Tacky free time at 77° 9 min
Minimum reaction temperature 50°
Temp range for use after hardening -22° to 140°
Ratio of glue to hardener 2:1 mix ratio