Travertine Filler Semisolid, Buff

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  • Tenax Buff Travertine filler is used to horizontally repair, rebuild, glue, and fill travertine, as well as similar stones.
  • Tenax Travertine filler is a semisolid consistency that is smooth and easy to spread.
  • It is used to fill all size holes in travertine and will accept a polish.
  • Not suitable for temperatures below 32°.
  • Recommended for interior use.
  • Other colors available upon special request.
Gel time in bulk at 77° F 2-3 min
Tacky Free time at 77° F 10-15 min
Working time at 77º

30-40 min

Temp range for use after hardening 32º to 230º
Ratio of glue to hardener 100/2-3% in weight